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What you'll Learn

LinkedIn Navigation

Salary Negotiation

Remote Interview Tips

Post Interviews do’s and dont’s

Common interview questions, including behavioral and situational questions

Body Language & Posture for remote and in-person interviews

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Set yourself up for success and take full control of the interviewing process – from Job Search to Interview to Salary Negotiation.


Shabbir Mustehsan

Lessons in this Course

  • Course Introduction
  • Meet your Instructor Pabitra Khanal
  • Meet your Instructor Peter Schmitz
  • Mindset for Interviewing and why Prep
  • Interview Checklist
  • Researching the Company
  • LinkedIn Profile Picture and headline
  • LinkedIn About Section
  • LinkedIn Work Experience Section
  • LinkedIn Education, Cert, and Endorsement
  • Scripts for Recruiters
  • Linkedin Navigation
  • Job Application Tracking Sheet
  • Phone Screening Tips
  • Techniques that work for Common Interview Questions
  • Downloadable of all the different interview question
  • STAR Method Practice Template
  • Get to Know your Interviewer
  • What should you be doing few days before the Interview
  • Study your Resume
  • What to wear
  • Body language and Posture Remote
  • Body language and Posture in-person pt1
  • Body language and Posture in-person pt2
  • Tonality
  • Video Interview best practices (remote)
  • The day of the interview
  • Interviewing
  • Tell me about yourself
  • STAR Method for Behavioral question/situational questions
  • What is your Strength and Weakness
  • How do you handle Conflict
  • When you don’t know the answer
  • Follow up
  • Thank you emails downloadable
  • First Day
  • First Week
  • Salary Negotiation Mindset
  • Salary Negotiation Specification
  • Why Multiple offers
  • Real life example of a salary negotiation
  • Thank you!



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